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The purpose of SCMTA is to stimulate and advance the general welfare and safety of snowmobilers in our area.  We maintain the trail system in our sector of the Central Upper Peninsula of Michigan.  We strive to provide a medium for exchange of snowmobile information and to be the catalyst between government entities, businesses and snowmobilers.



Terry Sanders, President/ Board Chair

Winch Diller, Vice President Winter Ops.

VACANT, Vice President Summer Ops.

Kevin Knaffla, Treasurer

Connie Diller, Secretary

Robert Forry, Board Member

Bill Hansen, Board Member

VACANT, Board Member

VACANT, Board Member






Our trail system consists of 147 miles of State of Michigan trail system which is divided as follows:

  1. East Sector: Trail 2 from M77 near Blaney Park, west to Haywire Grade and Trail 421 from Trail 2 south to Gulliver near Gulliver Crossing Mobil Station. (approx. 60 miles)
  2. Haywire Grade:Trail 2/7; the major north/south trail in the central Upper Peninsula from Manistique to Shingleton.
  3. Big Springs Loop: Trail 2/7; Manistique north on Trail 2 to Jack Pine Bar; west around the north side of Indian Lake; east around the south side of Indian Lake into Manistique.
  4. Camel Riders: Trail 7, the northwest sector that connects our area to Nahma Grade.
  5. Trail Heads: The four trail heads are Manistique City trailhead and Gulliver Crossroads trailhead, Jack Pine trail head and Boot Lake trailhead
  6. Spurs: Blaney Park BP, Manistique City,  Big Springs, and Camel Riders Restaurant and Resort.